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Heart Shape Diamonds

heart shape diamond_heart diaond_natural heart shape diamond_natural diamond_เพชรแฟนซี_เพชรรูปหัวใจ_เพชรแท้รูปหัวใจ_เพชรแท้_เพชรหัวใจแท้_เพชรขายส่ง_เพชรแท้ขายส่ง_เพชรแท้ขายส่งราคาโรงงาน_เพชรขายส่งราคาโรงงาน_เพชรแท้ราคาโรงงาน_ขายเพชรแท้ราคาส่ง_

Reasons to choose a heart-shaped diamond

This diamond shape symbolizes love. Goodwill and brilliance require the expertise of a diamond cutter. to achieve the most symmetrical and precise By adding a teardrop shaped diamond to make an indentation to become a heart shape. and uses a Modified Brilliant Cut technique that produces a sparkle similar to that of a round diamond. because there are around 56-58 faces of diamonds, but not as bright as because of different shapes

Buying tips

Should buy a heart shape diamond that weighs 1 carat or more, if it is smaller it will be difficult to recognize that it is a heart shape diamond. And should not choose a heart shape diamond with a depth percentage less than 56 and more than 66 in order for the diamond to retain the most beautiful brilliance.

Heart Shape Diamonds Jewelry