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Asscher Shape Diamond

Reasons to choose an Asscher shaped diamond

This diamond shape is adapted from the emerald-shaped diamond, also known as the emerald square, with a total of 58 facets. It sparkles with light just as well as a round diamond. But the diamond face is quite narrow. Because there is a deep slope at the corner of the diamond. Therefore, it looks like an octagon, making the diamond look and feel more stable as well. Most people who like vintage will love this diamond shape.

Tips for buying

It is recommended that you choose a color higher than H and a clarity higher than VS because this diamond shape is cut. To make it look clear and extra shiny Therefore, the flaw cannot be hidden. You should choose to buy a diamond that has a depth of around 60 – 68% with a width to length ratio of around 1.00 – 1.05.

Asscher Shape Diamond Jewelry