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ทองแท้ 18K_ทอง18K_ทอง 9K_ทองแท้

"Why is the color of gold used in diamond jewelry

has so many colors"?

Normally, real gold There will be a golden yellow color that shines.
The gold standard sold in Thailand is 96.5% gold, which is strong enough to be made into gold ornaments (Gold jewelry), but for diamond jewelry. Must use a percentage of gold less than or equal to 75% (18k) for strength in making the case. Using 75% pure gold and 25% mixed with silver or copper. As for the gold, the resulting color will change according to the proportion of other metals mixed with it, but there are other K golds that are also popular, such as 22k (91.6%), 14k (58%), 9k (37.5%), the price depends. with the ratio of gold mixed

White Gold 

For those who love diamond jewelry but are looking for a new approach to classic design. White gold is an excellent modern choice. The stunning combination of white gold and brilliant diamonds creates a mesmerizing effect that enhances the diamond's brilliance with contemporary appearance White gold therefore gives a new look to the original style. making it a popular choice among jewelry lovers.

white gold plate_jewelry_fancycollection.co_.png
18K yellow gold_ทองคำแท้ 75%_ทองคำแท้ 18K

Yellow Gold

It is an experience that we have over 9 years in the jewelry industry. Therefore, be sure that the combination of gold and diamond jewelry Its timelessness makes it one of our most sought-after pieces of jewelry. This classic gold is filled with value and prestige. Perfect for those looking to add timeless elegance to their style.

Rose Gold

Our jewelry undergoes years of experimentation and a meticulous production process to ensure that the color will not peel or fade.  We are paying attention to our romantic rose gold to achieve a unique and delicate color tone that you won't find in any other piece.

18K rose gold , rose gold, 14K rose gold, 9K rose gold_ gold 75%_ทองคำแท้ 75%_ทองคำแท้ 18K สีกุหลาบ_ทองคำแท้สีชมพูกุหลาบ_ทองคำแท้สีชมพู
platinum 950_แพลตตินัม PT 950_แพลตตินัม


Platinum is often regarded as the epitome of luxury due to its distinctive and attractive luster that has captivated jewelry lovers for centuries. In addition, its deep white color has endured over time. This durability and elegance have made platinum a highly desirable material for fine jewelery because it can maintain its natural beauty throughout the lifetime.

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