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pear shape diamond_natural diamond_เพชรทรงหยดน้ำ_เพชรรูปหยดน้ำ_เพชรแท้รูปหยดน้ำ_เพชรสวยๆ_เพชรสวย

Pear Shape Diamond

Reasons to choose a pear shaped diamond

The drop of diamonds is charming. with a sweet, soft shape and is a rare diamond shape Therefore, it is an interesting alternative to ordinary round diamonds. And most importantly, teardrop shaped diamonds are able to hide diamond flaws very well.

Buying tips

As with Marquis, the selection is similar. Choose a left and right curve that should be symmetrical without a straight line when brought parallel to each other. And the top of the diamond should not be too narrow or too wide, and at the point of the point should not have many flaws because it is easy to risk chipping.

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