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5 techniques for wearing jewelry to events to look younger and shine

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

1. A large collection of jewelry should choose a hairstyle that looks modern and simple.

To choose a 'hairstyle' that looks modern and easy. This makes it look magical instead of mature. So you shouldn't 'make' your hair too much. If the hairstyle is too perfect or too elaborate It will draw attention away from your diamond jewelry. And what's worse, it also makes you look older than your age.

2. You should wear soft-toned makeup. If you are wearing long earrings

If you are wearing long earrings In addition to making the face look long and slender The sparkle of diamonds also makes the face look outstanding, graceful, dignified, classy, and if you try light or nude makeup, it will soften your overall look a lot. You will look precious, soft and younger. 'Heavy' makeup should be avoided as it can make you look older.

3. You should wear a necklace. and earrings that make your neck appear longer.

How to choose is not difficult at all. If you're a woman with a short neckline, try wearing a 'diamond necklace' that isn't too tight and choose a short, matching 'diamond earring'. dress that sticks to the shoulder Leave the neck and chest bare. to make it look longer

small diamond necklaces or a necklace that doesn't close the neck It can help lengthen the neck for a slender, younger look.

4. Match your 'outfit' to your accessories.

If you already have an outfit but don't have accessories, you'll need to find accessories that go with it. How to do it is easy, look at the top of the dress.

If your dress doesn't show off your shoulders, neck and bust, you should opt for a 'diamond necklace' to elongate your neck and make your face stand out more. For dresses that cover the shoulders, neck and bust, you should opt for 'diamond earrings' to help balance out your look. This makes the outfit lighter and helps draw attention to your face.

5. Avoid long diamond necklaces that have The 'big diamond' is a prominent piece on your chest.

If you want to look younger and not premature It's better to 'avoid' long diamond necklaces with a large diamond in the center, which are more eye-catching than other necklaces. Because the appearance of a diamond necklace when worn will help enhance the aura and prestige to the wearer, making it look elegant, dignified, classy and age as well. If you want to look young You should 'Avoid' this type of necklace.

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