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Guess the personality from the shape of the diamond you like that is extremely accurate

wearing diamond jewelry In addition to helping to promote a person to look good and charming, it also indicates a character. of the wearer as well

Round Shape Diamond

The most popular round shaped diamond. Indicates that you are in a good mood. have generosity, calmness, prudence and love of family and you still like to stay at home You are always optimistic. You are a lovely person, harmless, warm when near you.

Oval Shape Diamond

For women who like oval shaped diamonds. It can indicate that you are charming, stylish, tasteful, and dazzling. and can always survive with your intelligence dare to make a decision leadership a lover of art and creativity is excellent as well

Heart Shape Diamond

It can be said that you are overflowing with charm. You are a very charming person, bright, cheerful, happy with everything. Sentimental, fanciful, but at the same time, you are also full of determination, strength and ambition. You are attractive, romantic and intelligent.

Pear Shape Diamond

Indicates that you are a person who loves freedom. don't like being in place or doing repetitive tasks like to adventure in different places like to travel, obstinate, does not like to be under anyone's power, but you love your family very much know how to save having a high housewife status

Marquise Shape Diamond

Indicates that you are a person with high self-confidence. Full of strength, agility, intelligence, love to compete. not afraid of anyone dare to express and love freedom

Princess Shape Diamond

Indicates that you are an ideological person. likes accuracy and self-confidence in a strict discipline being a conservative have strength have high patience and honestly, admirable, lovely, without any trick

Emerald Shape Diamond

Indicates that you are a person who is intelligent, strong, full of energy. and leadership Very reasonable, intelligent and peaceful, reliable and emotionally stable.

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