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How To Wear Diamond Earrings To Look Gorgeous

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

In addition to makeup, earrings are considered the accessories that are closest to our face. Therefore, it is an item that can decorate our face. For this reason, earrings have a lot of influence on our face. Wearing the wrong earrings can change your beauty. You should be aware that your next purchase of diamond earrings should enhance your beauty even more.

Diamond earrings that are suitable for round face women Round-faced girls have a short and wide face. Diamond drop earrings, oval shape, marquise shape will suit you. will help make the face look slender and longer or other shape diamonds can be worn but must be a hanging design Or long, coquettishly extending beyond the ears to help lengthen the face and neck look more beautiful as well. Avoid small earrings that stick around your ears, such as round diamond earrings. Heart Shaped Diamond Earrings Rectangular diamond earrings Because it will make your face look shorter.

Diamond earrings that are suitable for girls with oval faces.

Girls with oval-shaped faces, no matter what kind of earrings they wear, they are all beautiful, but if you have a long oval face Do not wear diamond earrings that are too long to lengthen your face.

Diamond earrings that are suitable for square face women. Girls with square faces are suitable for cushion-shaped diamond earrings, oval-shaped, teardrop-shaped, marquise-shaped because it will help the face to be more rounded. You should avoid all kinds of square shapes. both square shape Rectangle shape, etc., because it will emphasize the squareness on the face to make it more square.

Diamond earrings that are suitable for heart-shaped faces A girl with a heart-shaped face has a relatively wide forehead As a result, the lower part of the face looks narrow. The recommended earrings are teardrop-shaped, cushion-shaped, princess-shaped diamond earrings that extend past the earlobe. Should be large in order to help the lower face look wider. The earrings should be long enough to cover the earlobe. Or a coquettish hanging design, round diamonds, oval diamonds, teardrop diamonds. It will help to make your face look sweeter and more inviting.

Blue Sapphire With Diamond Earrings Set In 18K White Gold
Blue Sapphire With Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings that are suitable for women with long faces Girls with long faces are recommended to wear round diamond earrings, square diamonds, heart shapes, large catchy designs. or a little longer than the ear lobe should be design that is a big one because it will help to reduce the length of the face down should be avoided long dangle earrings , marquise diamonds, pear diamond Because it will make your face look longer.

Now you probably have some ideas for choosing the right earrings for your face. In addition to the face, the dress and the color of the clothing And hair color is an important part that will help your accessories look more outstanding or not. If your clothes are black or have solid colors, then you should choose to wear earrings that are bright colors, such as pearl earrings, diamond earrings. Wearing brightly colored accessories will help to bring out any black or solid color outfit you are wearing.

If you have a light hair color You should wear gemstone earrings that are dark, such as sapphire surrounded by diamonds. Emerald gem surrounded by diamonds Ruby surrounded by diamonds

If you have black hair You should wear brightly colored earrings. Especially diamond earrings will help make you stand out even more.

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